House is not home if it does not reflect the cosiness, comfort and warmth of a sanctuary and nothing turn an ordinary abode into a haven better than the power of light proper lighting often bring out the element of space and accentuates the mood of a room. And if you are looking for something that will make your room really stand out as an example of grandness, there is nothing better than Sezanne’s chandeliers

Company Background

With over 35 years’ experience , Sezanne is launched in January 2008and become the fine home decorating by providing the finest quality classic and modern chandeliers, with reasonable prices and good services. We have a central manufacturers located in Germany and Iran. Our organization has over 35 years history in worldwide. The business has grown to the point in 2008 and the organization announced the establishment of Sezanne in Malaysia.


We would like to build up the good relationship with our clients to gain their confidence and trust. Besides, we would like to lead the chandelier marketing in Malaysia in the future.


In order to gain the clients confidence and trust, we are using the best material to make our chandelier like Egyptian crystal, lead crystal which is also known as pure crystal, brass material like copper, zinc and beryllium and 24-k gold plated in order to make sure our chandelier is presentable and durable. To lead the chandelier market in Malaysia, we must keep on emphasizing our chandeliers’' qualities and design.